About Andréa


Here you will find information about my personal story and interests.  All of the training and tools that I use with clients I first fell in love with and used myself. To learn more about the current approach taken in my work read my philosophy page. To see my CV with the nitty-gritty details about my educational background & training, scroll down.

I refer to my model of coaching as Spiritual Alignment as it is a descriptive blend of everything I am attempting to do and incorporates all of my training and skills. Officially, I have had various trainings  since I begin this leg of my journey.

My Personal Story

I became a widow at the young age of 29. This experience has greatly shaped the person I have become. My college sweetheart, Jeff,  had Lupus, an auto-immune disease and died of a heart attack from complications at a young age. His experience with western allopathic medicine and my own personal experience with Seasonal Affective Disorder & anxiety, fatigue, reoccurring infections (including chronic Lyme and Candida) and trying to cope with the stress of having an ill partner and then later becoming the ill partner, have lead me down the road to towards personal healing. My healing journey really began in 2005 after his death.

Years later, I am now remarried. I love to spend free time with friends and family. I enjoy playing and laughing. I have rediscovered my love of art through mixed media and art journaling. I fully suspect that this will show up more in my work since my play and work are really the SAME! I enjoy self-development, spirituality, true crime, Sci-Fi, and politics.  I also enjoy camping, hiking and many other outdoor activities with my partner Dan. Although a low back injury has since changed my abilities, I still LOVE the outdoors. In January 2008, I successfully climbed Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. We are members of the Mazamas, a local mountaineering organization that is more than 100 years old. Giving back is an important part of my life. I’ve volunteered with the Mazamas in various ways over the years. I’ve also helped with Cycle Oregon; a week long bicycle ride & event across a section of Oregon. This fabulous non-profit gives back each year to the local rural communities where the event takes place.  In addition, I was a volunteer holistic self-defense co-teacher for the Portland Police Bureau’s free women’s self-defense program, WomenStrength, from 2006 until beginning my graduate program in 2013. I was an active member of ToastMasters from 2008-2011. Currently my volunteer involvement is limited to the local Portland laughter community and Portland Clearmind community, because I am also helping care take my elderly father.

My Professional Journey

I have a Bachelor of Science in Sociology and a Minor in Women’s Studies from Oregon State University. I worked in Portland, Oregon for a local utility for almost 9 years in customer service, employee training and development, and the health and safety department prior to the adventure of self-employment. I have also done a myriad of Customer Service positions from my first job in High School at Burgerville USA to a stint at REI when I was first beginning my coaching practice. Barista, prep-cook, professional dishwasher, darkroom developer, running a computer lab.

I first became a Certified Health Counselor (CHC – changed to Integrative Nutrition Health Coach) and graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and Columbia University’s Integrative Nutrition Professional Training Program in New York City. Health coaching is a blend of working with a life-coach and a nutritionist. This lead me to discovering many holistic self-help tools, including laughter, energy work and EFT.

In 2008, I became a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader & Teacher (CLYT), and founder of the Awakenings Laughter Club and Portland Laughter Yoga. Laughter Yoga combines yogic breathing exercises with our natural ability to laugh, creating better health and happiness.

I have since completed two certification in Laughter Coaching. The first, in 2010, with Katie West of the now defunct Levity Institute and most recently with Francis Monferrer, in June 2017. He is a world renown Laughter Therapist, from Spain, who is continuing in the tradition of his teacher Annette Goodheart, the Mother of Laughter Therapy.

I am currently an EFT Student Member of the Association for the Advancement of Meridian Energy Techniques or AAMET. I should be awarded my Accredited Certified EFT Practitioner designation by the end of 2017.

You can read more about health coaching, laughter coaching, EFT and Laughter Yoga under the FAQs section.

During my training at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) I learned from experts in the field of health and wellness such as AnneMarie Colbin (author of Food and Healing), David Wolfe (author and world authority on raw food nutrition), Dr. Walter Willet (Harvard School of Public Health), Dr. Deepak Chopra (author and physician focused on mind-body medicine), Michio Kushi (founder of macrobiotics), Dr. John Douillard (renown international professor of Ayurvedic medicine), Paul Pictchford (author of Healing with Whole Foods), Debbie Ford (Life Coach and best-selling author), Geneen Roth (emotional eating expert), Dr. Neil Bernard (Physcians Committee for Responsible Medicine), Dr. Mark Hyman (author of The Detox Boxand Ultra-Metabolism), Dr. Andrew Weil (author and physician of Integrative Medicine) and, the founder of IIN, Joshua Rosenthal.


As a Coach, I often work holistically with people suffering from stress. Due to my personal experiences, I specialize in helping people in transition following a great loss (parent, spouse, child, friend, job, chronic illness diagnosis).  I also enjoy supporting people with partners or spouses suffering from chronic illness. I love helping my clients remove blocks and find the strength to live their best life by focusing on permanent lifestyle changes (whole foods, extreme self-care, discovering joy) that help them align with their spiritual journey and highest self.

My Education

Fall 2017 I am currently enrolled in the EFT class Tapping Out of Trauma

2010-17 Emotional Freedom Techniques training, (two Level 1 & three Level 2 workshops) through AAMET and EFT Universe with Alina Frank Dawson Church Additionally, founder Gary Craig’s original video training collection.

2017 Laughter Coaching, Francis Monferrer – Our in-person training during the 2017 Laughter Conference was recorded and is being used in the new online offering

2013-16 Transpersonal Counseling Psychology – Counselor Practitioners Training Program, Clearmind International

2010 Laughter Coach, the Levity Institute

2008 Laughter Yoga Leader (CLYL) & Teacher (CLYT),  Laughter Yoga International

Usui ReikiLevel II, by Colleen Benelli with Reiki Lifestyle and The International Center for Reiki Training

2006-07 Certified Health Counselor (CHC), Institute for Integrative Nutrition and Columbia University’s Integrative Nutrition Professional Training Program

1999-2007 Corporate positions in Customer Service, Employee Training & Development, Public Safety at a local utility

1994-98 Bachelor of Science in Sociology and a Minor in Women’s Studies, Oregon State University