Laugh Daily

LaughterChallenge_Sept2016JOYinMe21 Days of Laughter

begins September 6th!

What are the rules for 21 Days of Laughter? There are no rules silly, this is all about laughter & play! 😉 But to JOY-in me please sign-up by following the link and selecting Daily Laugh Challenge from the Event list. You will be provided access to a private Facebook group and YouTube Playlist for the 21 days.

My goals are to laugh & breath at least 10 minutes a day, to share this with my community & offer my support. Results-wise, I am hoping to keep my overall mood positive. Having just graduated from a 3 year counseling program there are a lot of changes in my life at the moment.

Connecting daily to my laughter, my breath and my community keeps me grounded, positive and in forward motion.

I also have larger goals to fully engage in life and offer my gifts. I have struggled with lack of connection and depression in the past. Now I love sharing what works for me! I believe that we choose the meaning we assign things and that we are here to teach what we ourselves most need to learn.

Other benefits that may grace my experience are increased ease with play, with video taping myself!! and a blossoming of my creative spirit – which is foreshadowing for my newest offering coming this fall! Stay tuned!

I would love to have you JOY-in me as I laugh daily for 21 days beginning Tuesday, September 6th!

You may jump in and start laughing 10 minutes or more a day. Or you may set your goal to work up to 10 minutes slowly over the 21 days. Science shows that we begin to get health benefits when laughing heartily and breath deeply for at least 10 minutes! If you are completely new to the idea of laughing for no reason then you can start with a smaller goal if that feels right. The choice is yours! One of the benefits of doing this in a group is accountability. So sign up via the link below for the e-list and choose Daily Laugh Challenge under Events. Once you receive the initial email follow the links to join the Facebook Group and/or bookmark the special 21 Days of Laughter YouTube Playlist. Then post and let the laughter community know your goal! Whether it is to get a little chuckle in each day or to learn to laugh until you can’t hold your pee anymore – I would love to hear your goal & the results you crave so I can support you along the way.


*Donations made as a thank you for things such as 21 Days of Laughter, the Hawthorne Laughter Club or my monthly Laughter Meditations will be used to continue to bring laughter to my community. Your offering of love and gratitude is not required, but is greatly appreciated and helps cover the costs of things like the Meetup website and other technology, room rent, plus supplies and materials used during community laughter related events – like the Starlight Parade and World Laughter Day. It may be used for stickers, balloons, glow sticks and more.